Talensac farmers' market, Nantes, France

Opened on 8th January 1937, located in the centre of the city, the Talensac market has become a real institution in Nantes. This covered market is widely recognised for the quality and diversity of its products. The Talensac market is the perfect spot to get your day off to a great start.



A fantastic variety of products


More than 150 vendors, craftsmen and even farmers come to this historical market every morning to meet the shoppers. Almost 100 different professions are represented there every day of the week apart from Mondays, including on bank holidays. The numerous vendors are sure to please every palate, from chefs to the harshest food critic: you will find bakers, pastry chefs, greengrocers, butchers, caterers, poulterers, fishmongers, cheesemongers… the list goes on!



It’s composed of three separate parts: a completely covered section, a semi-covered area and an open-air market. Sunday is the big day, when half of the city seems to gravitate to it.


If you have the chance, I stongly suggest you visit two places :

- Beillevaire, the best cheese shop of the market, who also owns a place in London

- Vincent Guerlais, where you will try one or two delicious pastries, who has also a store in Tokyo, Japan

(more to read on those places in the "producst" section of the site)



Marché de Talensac

open every day except Monday throughout the year from 07:30 to 13:00.

Rue Talensac

44000 Nantes



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