Time to be hungry

Welcome to Foodlover !


My name is Fred



I am a French foodie who, from my early stage of life, had the chance to be in touch with fine products and watched mere vegerables and raw meat become exquisite plates. After being introduced to fine cuisine by relatives back in the time, I discovered how great it was to cook for yourself and your friends, to mix products, try new things, execute recipes, and improve cooking techniques.


I never went back.


I also had the chance to be introduced to multi-starred restaurants, and have always enjoyed such moments. Still, I always look for new people, products and places to share ideas, opinions and knowledge about food with, from 50-year-old italian balsamic vinegar to japanese cooking knives...


Today, I am as interested in street-food as in molecular cuisine, under-vaccum & low-temperature methods, fine and not-so-fine restaurants and joints, from the biggest cities on Earth to truly remote places.


In 2013, I travelled in 16 countries - a culinary world-tour - to expand my views, meet chefs, look, listen and learn from every culture, discover new culinary techniques, and being introduced to  truly exceptional local products...


Foodlover is a French & worldwide food blog aiming at sharing this passion


Here, you will find restaurant reviews from all over the world, interesting (well... you tell me!) food pictures and articles, recipes, fine dining and more, from wagyu beef, fine bottles, truffles to classic vegatables, cheese or traditional sauces...



Have fun and enjoy... it is time to be hungry



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