White : Domaine de Veilloux, 2005

One of my favorite white, traditional, with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Unfortunately, my last bottle...


Wine name : Dmaine de Veilloux

Producer : Michel Quenioux

Area : Cheverny, Loire, France

Grape varieties : Menu Pineau, Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage : 2005

Alcohol : 13,5%

Price: 12€


Color depth : medium

Color hue : straw yellow

Clarity : clear


Aroma intensity : moderate/aromatic

Development : youthful/some aged


Dry/sweet : off dry/medium sweet

Body: medium

Acidity : fresh

Tannins : low

Balance : fair

Flavor intensity : moderate/flavorful

Finish : medium (4-5 sec.)

Style : traditional


Rating : 4*


Based in Fougères sur Bièvre, France, Domaine de Veilloux is a family-owned estate of 20 hectares of vineyards. Natural principles (certified organic) are used, with a great caer of the various local grape varieties (Menu Pineau, Sauvignon blanc, Gamay...). the soils are mainly made of clay but with little differences according the plot considered (clay with sands, with flint...). The domaine is owned by Michel & Sylviane Quanioux, with their son Arnaud.




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