Genki sushi, or to be stunned by a sushi place...

For my first lunch in Japan, I am totally surprised by how technologic and modern a regular sushi place can be... I have never seen that anywhere else. And not only the environnement was stunning,but the food is clearly a level above any sushi place of this league I went before. Truly. I knew Japan was going to be culinary experience, but did not expect such one for my first stop, chosen by chance in Shibuya.


Play with your screen, choose if you want no wasabi, little wasabi or lot of it on the upcomong sushi, don not worry anymore how long they could have been on the old rotating belt, get as much as green tea powder as you want and pour hot water from the individual tap next to you... Delicious & fun are the two first words that come to my mind.


Centralized, cheap, ultra-fresh, and dozens of pieces for a small 16 euros...



Cadre: 12/20

Service: 13/20

Produits: 16/20

Menu: 16/20

Rapport qualité/prix: 17,5/20


Les détails qui font plaisir

L'écran tactile sur lequel vous pianotez  pour passer commande


Note globale: 14,9/20



〒150-0042東京都渋谷区宇田川町24-8 レジャープラザビル1階




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