Vinegar leaf, Bacon apple, and Passart style langoustine

First use of my molecular kit, to create a leaf of balsamic vinegar, topping seasonned mozzarella and cherry tomato. Served with individual pieces of smoked duck magret filled with foie gras



Then came small, crispy slices of green apple, in a cheesy cream (put some extra fine sea salt, 5 berries pepper, thick sour cream, and goat cheese at small/medium heat, until it slowly boils. Stir oftenly, and wait) with fried bacon.


Served warm, topped with chive




We then had a langoustine carpaccio, Passart style (thin slices of raw langoustine slightly marinated in olive oil for an hour in the fridge, with a small streak of olive oil, liquid sour cream, extrra thin fine sea salt, and pepper before serving, with chive)...



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